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LumiTAB 12"x12" cuttable lighting panel

Our fully modular 12"x12" LED lighting panels are slim, effective and creative way to illuminate signs, graphics, and architectural features.

Evenly distribute light

Sourced for its rigidity and light transmission properties, a clear PMMA acrylic is etched using 3D Laser V-cutting technology. This state-of-art engraving technique ensures light is evenly distributed across the surface of the acrylic to deliver a flat illuminated panel.

On site Cut-to-size working

Our LED panels are very easy to cut and assemble on-site. 90% of the surface area is able to be cut to any shape (and drill holes on it too)! The LED lights are laid out along one full edge that supplies an even distribution of light through the whole panel. Cut custom shapes and piece together several squares to the desired overall shape. Cuts along the LED strip side can be made every 3rd chip or 2.5cm. Giving you the maximum flexibility for custom shapes to fit narrow ledges to odd shaped curves or anything your project demands.


Ease of Installation

Each panel comes attached with an in and out power connectors. Any panel can be directly linked to a power supply, and any subsequent panels in the project can be attached/chained to the source.
Energy Efficient Power Supply: AC/DC 24V Adaptor with simple plug and play connectors.

Drill, screw and feed.

UL Listed for US and Canada

We understand the benefits that UL offers and stand behind their strict testing procedures. The entire custom size LED lighting panel line of products is UL (cUL) listed.

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