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Flexible LED Neon Light

A revolutionary new lighting product that offers a new innovative solution to traditional neon glass lighting. Take control with perfectly uniform illumination and continuous glow, no LED dots or dark spots, flexible to contour your design, and dependable in a wide range of weather conditions including being fully waterproof. Read below the advantages our LED NEON FLEX lighting that can benefit your next project; whether it be for architecture, indoor, outdoor, commercial, signage, and more!

Versitile and Flexible

Neo-Neon’s LED Neon Flex can be cut to the needs of different lengths, with connectors (sold separatly) to join previous cut length lines. It is very easy to install without professional help, and can easily be connected up to 100 meters in length. It can be cut, bent, and formed in the field. Making straight lines, to bends contouring any shape or lettering for signs. Its easily installed onto any flat surface of varied materials from wood, plastic, steel or concrete walls. We stock mounting solutions that are designed perfectly to hold your LED NEON FLEX in place.

Minimum cut length: 50cm (1.64ft)
Transverse minimum bending radius: 4cm (1.6in)

Check projects we've done with LED Neon all over the world.